Computer Science

Computer programming is a social activity.

“Software is eating the world.”Mark Andreessen

Every year computing devices are faster, smaller, and cheaper, and computer software gains new capabilities. Computers have profoundly altered most fields of human activity. In the modern world, there is a huge advantage to being able to leverage computers in new ways. Learning how computer software works is extremely valuable, even if one does not aspire to be a professional software developer.

Fairfax Collegiate programming courses work well for students with varied interest in, exposure to, and aptitude for programming. Courses assume no prior programming experience. Open-ended projects engage and challenge beginners and experienced programmers alike. Topics, activities, and the pace of instruction are age-appropriate. Courses focus on real programming languages and set students up for success in more advanced programming courses, in high school and beyond.

These computer science courses have a variety of features to make them accessible and fun for any young programmer:

  1. Project-based
  2. Often incorporate hardware
  3. Teach a variety of languages
  4. No prerequisites

Instructors are math and computer science majors at selective universities who have demonstrated superior teaching and communication skills as well as a mastery of programming.